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Stir Fry Starters

Stir Fry Starters

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We set out to capture the essence of a stir fry sauce — with the ingredients and nutrition we craved. Then first one was so good, we had to do it twice.

Classic is full-bodied and bold like a red wine. Spicy Lemongrass is bright and zesty like a crisp white. Together they're literally ridiculous.

Our Stir Fry collection started with an old recipe from Chef Ung (thanks dad!).



Water, Gluten-Free Tamari (Water, Soybeans, Salt, and Sugar), Tapioca, Agave, Lemongrass, Vinegar (Rice Vinegar, Water Diluted With Water To 4.2% Acidity), Sesame Oil, Onion, Mushroom Powder.


Meats like chicken, beef, & pork

Veggies like carrots, green beans, peas, & onions

Cabbages like Napa, cauliflower, & broccoli

Fresh seafoods like shrimp, crab, lobster, oysters, & mussels

As a soup stock for noodle, wonton, or veggie soup

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"Take any ordinary dish to the next level."
—Architectural Digest/Clever

Defining What Eating Well Tastes Like For the New

Not your average chili oil. Traditional málà chili flakes and peppery hot Korean chili flakes blend with onion and California garlic for subtle- but-spicy heat. First smooth and mellow, then a nutty sesame-infused middle that gives way to mildly numbing fire. Make it your dinner party centerpiece or revamp Wednesday night leftovers. In every case, serve generously – your tastebuds can handle it.