We're Bowlcut:

For People with Tastebuds – where the flavors we cherish meet the nutrition we crave

Our Promise

Perfect flavor is also
made with real ingredients

We were raised in households & cultures that view food as earth’s natural medicine — the highest form of nourishment, core to our individual and collective wellbeings. At Bowlcut, we want our flavors to reflect this age-old philosophy, the way they always should’ve been made. All natural, with care, and yes: Elder Approved.

From your neighborhood restaurant kid

Before there was Bowlcut, there was my family’s SoCal Chinese restaurant. Between my dad, the line cooks & our regulars, I learned the exquisite language of food — how it looks, feels, tastes, and is shared. Just like my parents, we hope to create the flavors we’ll be proud to pass on.


The art of Stir Fry

Inspired by centuries of culinary excellence; adapted from an archival recipe of Chef Ung’s. Explore our homage to China’s most famous dish — remade for today’s busy lives.

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