Christi Ahee is an LA-based ceramic artist who began her love affair with clay in 2011. She features colorful whimsical designs while prioritizing functionality. Each piece is handmade on the wheel for everyday use. We were drawn to Christi’s artful pieces and collaborated with her on a custom rice bowl to celebrate our launch and highlight talented AAPI artists we admire. Enjoy our Q&A with her below and check out more of work here.

What was your inspiration behind the bowl you created for BowlCut?

I wanted to reference a staple food that was commonly used in any Asian cooking, so I looked to noodles. I wanted something that would be visually interesting and cohesive with my line of work (which features a lot of linear designs) without looking too literal.

What are you currently up to these days?

I've recently gotten really into indoor gardening. My apartment gets really nice light, and I love being able to make my own custom planters for any new plants I bring into my home.

Who or what inspires you / your work?

I moved to LA three years ago with my partner from Chicago, so I've been really inspired by how lush and colorful it is here.

What is your absolute favorite dish?

I go through phases of dishes I can't get enough of, but right now I'm constantly craving dumplings.

What meal reminds you of home?

My mom almost always had a pot of kimchi jjigae going, so that's something that instantly reminds me of home.

What is one ingredient you cannot live without?

Salt. Salt. Salt. What even is food without salt?!

What is the first dish you learned how to cook as a kid?

Scrambled eggs

In what ways, good or bad, has your background as an Asian American shaped you / your work?

I think a lot of Asian pottery pays very close attention to technique as well as form and design. When I throw, I try to make my work as consistent as possible and my walls thin and even. While a lot of my design is inspired by Western trends, I think my technique is heavily inspired by Eastern practices.