OBJECT-MATTER "O-M" is a Los Angeles based ceramic and design studio focused on minimal and contemporary and playful design, created by Carrie Lau. She is a multi talented artist; illustrator, art director, and ceramicist. Her work is distinguished by their modern and curvilinear form, as well as their playful movement and naturalistic tension. From ceramics to paintings, home textiles to art objects, the works show her curiosity of materials, shapes, colors, and interaction.

Enjoy our Q&A and check out more of her work below.

Carrie’s fun shapes and patterns captivated us and we collaborated with her on a custom rice bowl to celebrate our launch and to highlight talented AAPI artists we admire. It was even more special to learn that she was a fellow restaurant kid having grown up in her family’s dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong – in her words below!

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and I moved to the United States 14 years ago. My dad owned a traditional dim sum and seafood restaurant when I was a kid. I went to the restaurant pretty much after school every day. I had my lunch, which is still my favorite food; dim sum and noodles. Usually I spent like a half day there, working on my homework, then I got a chance to play with other kids who were our customers. I liked being there; I really liked the handwritten menu which changed everyday depending on the highlighted dishes, and also the bowls, teapots and cups that are used there. They are pretty generic, but when I see them again now, it always reminds me of my childhood.

 What was your inspiration behind the bowl you created for BowlCut?

Shape is one of the elements I love to use in my work. I have used a few rounded shapes, which are like a half circle and bowl, as part of the design. Also, the slash is a shared element from Bowlcut branding. The combination is fun and energetic.

Who or what inspires you / your work?

Nature, people, culture and meditation.

What is your absolute favorite dish?

Curry Chicken, I learnt how to make it since 10.

What meal reminds you of home?

Double boiled soup (老火湯)- it reminds me the time I was working late and my mom reserved me a bowl of double boiled soup that warmed my heart.

What is the first dish you learned how to cook as a kid?

Tangyuan (湯圓) We made our own tangyuan with brown sugar and ginger for chinese new year - they are very simple but delicious.