Bowlcut is a new generation of Asian American flavors
inspired by the childhood staples we're proud to pass on.


We all have a unique food story of our own. Yours may have been marked by Sunday dinners or grandma’s signature dish.

Mine started in the back booths of my family’s Chinese restaurant—the kind of neighborhood spot whose paper cartons flooded your kitchen table on a Sunday night. I grew up in the afterglow of neon open signs, juggling dinner rush and homework.

Our restaurant was a crucial space in helping me navigate two worlds, helping me find balance in being Asian and American. Watching my family, I learned how food can connect total strangers and entire communities. I learned how to honor tradition and your taste buds—good food is good food.


In my own adulthood, I wanted a way to carry on those iconic childhood flavors while also eating well—something us next-gen kids finally have the privilege to do.

Bowlcut is that way. Our sauces are made the way they’re meant to be: with the same personal care as a homemade recipe; inspired by centuries of Asian cooking that never needed the fake stuff to imitate real flavor. They represent us: some are old favorites, some are family inspired, some are entirely new tastes born from years of flavor mixing.

All are yours for creating on your own terms. Welcome to the next era of your food story.

Your restaurant kid,

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