BOWLCUT teamed up with Korean American fashion designer Ji Won Choi to create a limited edition gochujang sauce in celebration of the hybrid food cultures that raised us.
Inspired by Ji's and all the Asian moms who love through food, Bowlcut x Ji Won Choi is an evolution of traditional savory-spicy Korean gochujang -- infused with new tangy depth, more texture, and a punch of garlic on top. Bowlcut x Ji Won Choi pairs spectacularly well in richer, creamier sauces (like gochujang pasta), or on its own when you just need a dollop of spice.

“Bowlcut x Ji Won Choi has become pretty dear to my heart — probably because its very essence is inspired by my own mom. Nothing will ever top her homemade cooking, but I wanted to create a sauce reminiscent of her food and my own style. It’s especially perfect on days when I’m missing her a little extra.” -JWC

Enjoy my favorite ways to enjoy the BOWLCUT x JWC gochuang sauce!

“Ji and I are long-time friends through the fashion world, and when the idea of creating a Korean sauce came up I immediately thought of her. I’ve always admired Ji’s freedom of self-expression and her approach to design and art — thoughtful, original, multicultural —
and knew it would translate beautifully to food.

The power of nolstagia — early adulthood for me, mom’s cooking for Ji — really drove this collaboration from the start. It was exciting to explore how flavors are perceived through the lens of memories. Ji and I have both come so far from those earliest days, and having the life experience and creative license to create something new was a fulfilling challenge." -Crystal

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