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Classic Korean Bibimbap

Classic Korean Bibimbap

When you're craving mom's cooking from miles away. By Bowlcut collaborator Ji Won Choi.

2 servings | 30 minutes

Cooked short grain rice

Handful of spinach and bean sprouts

Julienned carrots

Julienned bell pepper

Julienned shiitake mushrooms

Sesame seeds


1 fried egg

1 tsp sesame oil

BOWLCUT X JI WON CHOI gochujang sauce

  1. 1. Boil a pot of water and add 1 tsp salt.
  2. 2. Blanch spinach for 30 seconds.
  3. 3. Mix well with sesame oil. Set aside.
  4. 4. Drain and squeeze spinach to remove excess water.
  5. 5. Repeat for bean sprouts.
  6. 6. Over medium-high heat, sauté carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and bell pepper for 2–3 min.
  7. 7. Assemble prepped veggies over rice.
  8. 8. Top with fried egg and BOWLCUT X JI WON CHOI gochujang sauce.
  9. 9. Garnish with sesame seeds and chopped scallions.
  10. 10. Serve and mix well before eating.